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I tried Alexander Technique after 20 years of painful lower back problems as I wanted to stop the cause of the pain, and learn how to manage my posture on business trips and long haul flights. After the first couple of sessions I really started to notice a difference, the tools which I have learnt to apply to my daily life have significantly reduced the pain which used to be daily. In addition, the constructive rest exercises of just 12 minutes a day seem to have cured my insomnia which I have had for the whole of my life. Nick is a fantastic teacher and has an incredible understanding of the human body’s connection to both the external environment and also to the mind. I would recommend Nick’s teaching to anyone who is experiencing back or neck pain of any intensity, the results are fantastic. I hope you are well and enjoying the spring. Nick still hasn’t had to see his chiropractor since he saw you and is occasionally doing the constructive rest with me which he really enjoys

Emma Wright August 15, 2016


Originally I came to see Nicholas regarding a bad back, which has improved significantly since I started seeing Nicholas, and now he is also helping me with movement and voice work towards my acting. It is very clear Nicholas is very experienced, proactive and very talented at what he does and I would certainly recommend that you work with Nicholas. 

Warren Brooking Actor August 15, 2016


Working with Nick and practising the Alexander Technique has been invaluable in helping me develop a better relationship between my body and mind. It has helped me with my ongoing back and sciatic nerve problems, to the point that I have stopped taking any medication and can live a normal life again, full of sport and everyday activities. I can wholeheartedly recommend Nick to anyone who has back problems or is in need of reconnecting with their body. May2015

Felix Oram, Age 39 Owner of The living food kitchen. May2015 August 15, 2016


I had family visiting from the USA and gave them an experience in London they might not have had back home.Nicholas Brandan gave me an Alexander technique lesson which changed my walking and sitting postures to support and strengthen my body. I thought a healthy body experience would be useful for my visiting two teenage nieces deeply into normal teenage preoccupation with clothes and style.

Nicholas came to my home and gave us Alexander technique lessons in my living room. The girls took to Nick straight away. Nick was fun and gave us direct advice, exercises and actions to take. We were in chairs, lying on the floor and walking around paying attention to our backs in a curious new way. He suggested we watch each other and learn from each other’s bad posture of lulling, slumping into chairs and generally doing bad things to curve and not support our spines.

Healthily texting was a revelation. Bring the phone up to our faces instead of curving our spines down to the phone.
Nick noticed one niece had quite pronounced scoliosis, a curve of the spine. Left unattended it can cause her bad back problems later in life. I never noticed this until he pointed it out. My sister has now started her with Alexander technique lessons back home.

Jan 2015.


Anita Limarie, Jan 2015. August 15, 2016


 Hi All! I just wanted to share with you about the wonderful Alexander Technique experience I have been having over the last couple of months with Nicholas Brandon I decided to contact Nick after reading an amazing review about his work from Arvind Devalia. I can say now that going to see Nick has been one of the best things I have ever done. I’ve been suffering from chronic back pain for the last 6-7 years, I have tried massages and exercise but none of it had long lasting results. Seeing an Alexander Technique teacher was really my last resort. Nick is an incredible teacher – not only skillful but also caring and attentive. He really loves his work and this shows in each of our weekly sessions. I have had my 6th session this morning and my back has really shown signs of improvements. I have also learned to become more aware of my habits and completely changed the way I relate to the pain. I can see it now as a sign my body is indicating that something is not quite right. I’m learning to dedicate some time to myself. With very simple techniques that we all know but forget, my back is getting into place again, hurting a lot less if at all and I even managed to squat fully today – something that was unthinkable when we started our lessons. Going to Nick every week is a real treat! So if you have any back problems that have been nagging and you have been trying to ignore it or just wishing it went away, please treat yourself and see Nick. It’s worth every penny!

Maysa Marque age 34 Nov14 Yoga teacher August 15, 2016


“ As a Barrister  Nicholas Brandon has helped me to feel able and be able to stand at length in court with comfort and ease throughout lengthy cross-examination”

Jeremy Rosenblatt Barrister. 5 August 15, 2016


I have been a pupil of Nicholas Brandon for many years. The Alexander Technique has been wonderfully beneficial to me in terms of physical and also mental balance; and a method of rescue when one reaches crisis in respect of either or both. Kipling says “strengthen the body and the body shall strengthen the sprit” Alexander Technique deals with both these aspects.

Julia Carr 73, long-term resident of Notting Hill. August 15, 2016


I found having lessons with Nicholas Brandon very helpful in many ways.

Artist Sean Henry.

Sean Henry Artist August 15, 2016

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“I started my Alexander Technique sessions in search of therapy for acute mobility problems. Thankfully, everything eased up.But by working together with Nick I became aware of the bigger picture—how physical sensitivities are woven together, and the connections between mind and body. So it has been—and still is—an adventure which has rich benefits and many discoveries in store

Nevil Shack Journalist August 15, 2016


“I’ve been learning/ practising the Alexander Technique with Nicholas Brandon for the past 18 months. I’ve found it to be very beneficial in all of areas in my life. It’s made me much more aware of where I use/hold excess tension in my body and how to release it. Throughout I’ve found Nick Brandon to teach with clarity, understanding and enthusiasm.

Charlie Caselton Charlie Caselton Author Author August 15, 2016


“The benefits of the Alexander Technique lessons with Nicholas have found a place in aspects of my life, work, sports and my general health. I am so grateful to have discovered Nicholas and all that he has taught me – I now have these tools for life which I can practice anytime anywhere

Mr.Paul Trott August 15, 2016


Nicholas Brandon has been teaching me Alexander Technique for the most part of a year now. Simply put he is a brilliant exponent of the technique. He is passionate about it and teaches in the most articulate way imaginable. His numerous email and other communications to his clients on a regular basis illustrates his belief and dedication to the technique.

He is also a proponent of his teaching – being the most ‘poised and balanced’ person that I have ever met. I have found the benefits of the Alexander Technique off the scale and it has benefited all aspects of my life – mental, physical and ‘spiritual’. I count myself as extremely fortunate that Alexander is on my path to helping me experience this life we have here to the very fullest and the benefits are beyond my wildest expectations: So much so that I am now applying this at work and Nicholas is a regular teacher of the technique in my workplace. Managing Director of Crayson.

Nicholas Crayson Managing Director of Crayson. August 15, 2016


I am a HR professional and I also deliver training and seminars. I sought Nick’s help with my general posture and ability to generate my voice at the front of the room. Nick helped me to project my voice, be aware of my body and relax before seminars. His gentle and clear direction is reassuring and gives you confidence. Thanks Nick

Jayn Bond August 15, 2016


Nick is a very inspiring and intuitive teacher who knows a student better in one session than a close friend in years… I thought I came because of neck and shoulder problems, but after a few sessions all the pain in my neck and shoulders was gone and I realised that the problem was somewhere else, more psychological. Having a session with Nick is like standing in front of a mirror, there is no escape: all of a sudden the challenges emerge: the postponing, the laziness… but one feels so energised and relaxed that those lifelong challenges suddenly appear easy to change. The body is not stuck anymore, the back supports one much better and the legs are finally free. It’s like flying into a different world of possibilities. It’s real change, feels like drinking champagne and it lasts longer…
A. B, musician based in London

Anna Basaldua musician based in London August 15, 2016


It is with great pleasure that I write a review, you have helped to put my posture back in order, which has resulted in a marked improvement in the quality of life. You are kind, caring, always upbeat and positive and a true joy to spend time with in addition to being a consummate professional.

Your client and fan,
Gianluca. Merchant Banker and Investor

Gianluca Cicogna Merchant Banker and Investor August 15, 2016


My name is Lance Entwistle. I’m an art dealer. I’ve had a lifelong history of back pain, which I’ve always attributed to poor posture; something I probably inherited from my father. This poor posture, at least that’s my explanation resulted, about four and a half years ago, in the severe crisis of neck pain which immobilized me almost completely. I’ve known about Alexander Technique since I was an adolescent but had never tried it. I had however tried Pilates and also Yoga, to little avail.
I thought this was the opportunity to try the Alexander Technique. After some enquiries, I met Nicholas Brandon and began working with him and I’ve had wonderful results. I think my posture has improved, my general well-being has improved and my back pains have almost disappeared. Certainly I’ve had no recurrence of the neck problem. I’ve enjoyed working with Nick and I’ve had many benefits that beyond my original reason for seeking him out. I find Nick a very committed teacher who really has the welfare of his patients and clients in mind and does everything he can for them.

Lance Entwistle art dealer August 15, 2016


My name is Reginald Gourgey. I’m 101 years old. I first came to Nicholas Brandon who teaches the Alexander Technique. I read somewhere that the Alexander Technique was beneficial to arthritic knees and ever since his treatment of me, my knees have certainly got better. I can go up and down the stairs much more easily. In addition to that, at the end of the session with him I have been considerably energized and I would highly recommend it.
Also, as a former naval officer, posture and deportment are very important and vital to me and that’s certainly improved since meeting with Nicholas again. I would recommend if you have any of these problems, to engage with Nicholas and you will find it very helpful. At the end of the session you certainly feel tons better than you did before. Thank you

Reginald Gourgey 101 years old Retired Naval officer August 15, 2016

Claire Voss.

I had been suffering from back pain for 8 month and was going to the muscular-skeletal clinic in St Charles hospital for weekly treatment which involved seeing a Chiropractor. I was finding that after the treatment I was in pain for 2-3 days, which seemed to be aggravating my condition. I was beginning to lose hope and thought I would never resolve the pain I was in. I suffer from depression, so was on medication and becoming increasing depressed because of not being able to move, and do what I love doing which is gardening. A friend of mine recommended The Alexander Technique. I had just 8 sessions with Nicholas, which had a dramatic impact.

I found that I didn’t need to take the painkillers and I was able to walk properly and feel alive again. I found that it helped hugely with my mental health and anxiety, which was a major unexpected result. I am now no longer taking Amitriptyline which is very strong antidepressant.
I am almost completely pain-free and because of this I feel that I have woken up and I am able to live my life again. I practice most days the simple yet amazing skill and insight you taught me. This is keeping me healthy and well. My partner Chris calls you the wizard.

Thank you so much Nicholas.

Claire Voss Gardener August 16, 2016

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Michael Harris

In a series of 10 hourly sessions once a week, Nick very effectively and efficiently taught the basics of the Alexander Technique to me. Although now far from an expert, I came away with a practical knowledge of a method that has considerably improved my posture and outlook. Classes with Nick were always enjoyable and certainly excellent value. I would highly recommend Nick as a very patient and kind teacher and one who can deliver quite significant positive results in a short time frame. Michael Harris, London W11

June 2, 2017