The body mind are inextricably linked

This was a question that was posted on my face book page :

The body mind connection

If the mind informs the body, can the body inform the mind?

My reply: The body and the mind are inextricably linked, they are both in constant communication.

The body is always there, always present – it’s one of the most present parts of our selves. The mind has the ability to be anywhere and everywhere, often creating a feeling of disconnect. When have aches, pain, discomfort, disease we quickly become aware of the symptoms and disharmony, which is the bodies clever way of telling us there is something wrong. So really aches and pain are a good thing, our internal alarm, telling us to address the problem.

The body and the mind are inextricably linked.
The body is most obedient, we often feel its not- our thinking and the way we think has a profound effect of the body and all its parts. When we bring the body into balance this brings the mind in to balance.

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