Work place assesment

Computers screens are everywhere in the workplace from desktops, projectors and laptops to handhelds and tablets.  Legislation from the Health and Safety executive make it a legal obligation for employers to provide Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessment to their staff who use a screen for more than an hour.

Sitting is for long hours is now classified as a disease that will and does cause more health problems than smoking

The Alexander Technique has a comprehensive approach to DSE assessment needs. I will assesses the ergonomics, and an anatomical and detailed approach, not just a checklist of measurements and boxes to tick.

I can visit your work or company to work with individuals or a group, to advise on how best to adapt to your work space as efficiently.

I offer an Alexander Technique program can help reduce time off work and increase productivity by reducing back, neck, shoulder and arm pain. It also reduces costly work related injuries such as repetitive strain injuries and typing injuries.

Absenteeism at Victorinox (producers of Swiss Army Knives) was reduced by more than 42% due to an Alexander Technique program between 2002 – 2007. Educating employees on body awareness through the Alexander Technique had a dramatic impact on absenteeism.
For employees with back pain, a set of Alexander Technique sessions resulted in an 86% reduction in days in pain (from 21 days to just 3) and a set of just 6 Alexander Technique sessions followed by exercise was 72% as effective as this (Source: British Medical Journal)

Just look at the benefits of the Alexander Technique for your business:

  • Reduce staff absence – absenteeism at Victorinox (1000 employees) fell by over 42% as a direct result of onsite Alexander Technique training.
  • Ergonomically aware employees have less back and neck pain. A recent study funded by the NHS saw pain-days drop 86%. This can mean substantial savings for employers.
  • Because I can come to your site with little or no equipment required, your employees can benefit straight away without having to leave the office.
  • Your employees will of course be very grateful for your wellbeing strategy. Companies with a good wellbeing strategy tend to attract the best employees.
  • A reduction in over-use injuries and RSI’s means fewer claims.
  • Companies such as these are already benefiting from Alexander Technique sessions: ICI, Clifford Chance, The Guardian, BBC, Chanel, City Lit, Hewlett Packard, Grey Advertising, Victorinox, Swiss National Bus, British Library, Google, HM Treasury and the Cabinet Office in Whitehall, Merrill Lynch and UBS are all benefitting.