Blog: Start to notice some of your habits

February 19, 2013 by Nicholas Brandon

Blog: Start to notice some of your habits and approach to everyday movement, such as sitting, walking and standing and relaxing. It’s amazing how automatic and unconscious most of theses habits are.

The forces of our habits are really strong; so remember to develop the art of being more present with your self.

When you are relaxed, are you collapsed? When you are standing is the weight equally into both feet, are your knees locked? Start to become more aware of your torso and shoulders/arms/hands.

Notice how often the breath is held, often when we carry out a movement or find ourselves in a tense situation we hold the breath, resulting in more stress and tension and compression.

Most of what we do in our daily activities nearly always involves the hands, arms shoulders, resulting in lots of tension; whether it be micro movements from keyboarding, using the computer mouse, using your smart phone, writing, or bigger more heavy manual movements, lifting pushing pulling, possibility weights in the gym etc, or carrying extra weight, be it our own weight, of external weight.

So we need to remember all that we do with the arms/hands/shoulders, and use the tools and strategies to do less.

Some of these tools are awareness, reminding ourselves we can do less, stopping to undo, thinking into the arms and wanting and asking them to release. Breathing into the tension, gentle stretching excises, resting in constructive resting position. So basically finding the best means to not get bunch hunched and crunched in the shoulders. Ideally the shoulders should feel warm wide and wonderful, so think of that direction into the shoulder, opening broadening and widening, releasing undoing, using what ever thoughts and suggestion work and help you.

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