Do you sometimes feel like an animal in a cage?

July 12, 2016 by Nicholas Brandon
Trying to hold yourself up is just as tiring as feeling slumped and collapsed. There is a whole industry including the media advising us about all the things to do and all props and apps to buy to maintain good posture. My colleague Adrian Farrell points this out in his excellent article about posture;  he says “good posture is the absence of bad posture”
 or a much better word than posture is poise.
Posture is dynamic, not static or a position as most people think. Being an expert on posture, people often ask me what is the best posture or position? often my quick reply is; “the best posture is the next one, (in other words move and don’t get stuck in anyone posture) were not designed to be stuck in chairs, being stuck in a chair all day  is the equivalent of putting an animal in a cage, we soon lose that dynamic muscle tone and balance you see in animals, young children and athletes. This causes all sorts of long-term health issues.  You don’t see animals going to the gym pushing weights and running on treadmills. They are also not as susceptible to all the various injuries that go hand in hand with sitting for long hours each day or many forms of exercise including yoga.
If you want to discover an intelligent, kind way to get to know how your body works in harmony with its natural design; instead of pushing your body like it’s a mechanical machine and then being surprised when you are in pain or don’t perform well.  Then come and treat yourself to a lesson and find out how the Alexander technique might benefit you.
The Alexander technique has been around for 120 years and is endorsed by the medical profession, the NHS, renowned academics, scientist and may public figures.
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