The Alexander Technique Is an amazing practical tool to help bring life’s experiences alive. Much like a musical instrument needs tuning to come alive; the Alexander Technique is a tool to tune all of our senses which brings the mind, body and spirit alive.

This work is remarkably simple but not easy, it not about learning more like informative learning it’s transformative learning which means we take away what s in the way of you being natural, awake and alive.

I was out in the garden walking bare foot with students today, touching the earth, awakening ourselves to the wonder of nature, it is so rewarding to share this gift of being alive and tuning ourselves up; which helps us rediscover our natural sense of ease, poise and balance. Spring! is a great time to wake up and feel revitalised and awake, we can see with new eyes and a fresh perspective, here are a few thoughts on seeing with fresh eyes.

Our vision is usually the dominant sense; it is how we gather most of the information about the world.

When we look at an object/subject this is changed by the observer, science calls this the observer effect.

We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.

As the saying goes “we only see what we want to see”

We don’t experience life with fresh eyes, as a child does.

A child has the quality of a beginners mind, seeing with excitement, awe, wonder, passion, vividness, clarity, sharpness and alertness.

We place meaning, opinions, judgements, evaluations and a personal test on everything we see and often relate it back to a past experience.

So the experience is never a fresh new experience as would be experienced through a beginners mind.

Seeing with a beginner’s mind, we can give up the arrogance of knowing, instead have the curiosity of not knowing, which will engage and stimulate interest, freshness and looking with new eyes.

Imagine being blind for years then suddenly being able to see.

How much excitement, interest and curiosity would be present?

I’m sure it would be quite magical seeing for the first time.

Spring is a great time to start to see with a beginners mind.

Creating the possibility of seeing with complete attention.

Having a whole new excitement about seeing, curiously interested and engaged, allowing and inviting what you see with bright open eyes.

Looking for colour, texture, depth, light and delight in what you are seeing.

Also, a great practice is looking into people’s eyes, really being with them, we so rarely do this. I also practised looking into my own eyes, I did this for 5-10 minutes a day for a whole week. I have never done this before, It was quite an experience. This will be a good practice for being with others and looking into their eyes, something we don’t really do so easily.

Really practice looking and being curiously engaged for no reason.

Also see if you can maintain awareness of your body, balance and coordination., in other words, we want to be extending and expanding in the body, not pulling down and compressing.  This will improve our overall functioning of the body including vision.

Most importantly have fun! Notice all the things you don’t normally notice. Think of having a light spring! in your step and a smile! on your face.


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