How to eliminate back pain.

May 14, 2013 by Nicholas Brandon

The Alexander Technique is a unique, evidence-based mind/body practice, developed over 120 years ago. This subtle yet powerful method is established worldwide.

The N.H.S, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence and the British Medical Journal concludes the Alexander Technique is one of the most effective, proven methods for treating chronic back pain conditions.

Sitting for long hours, standing, poor posture, stress, repetitive movements, lack of awareness, are often the cause of back pain and other problems.

Having physiotherapy, massage, osteopathy, seeing a chiropractor, taking anti-inflammatory painkillers or steroids does little to address the underlying causes of back pain – these just offer temporary relief.

The Alexander Technique gets to the root cause of these problems. Working with a teacher you develop skills and strategies to avoid stressful, (unconscious) habits and patterns of posture that cause compression, stress and tension in the body. You develop a toolbox, which you can use and apply any time, any place, any where.

The doctor, the pill, or a therapeutic intervention is a quick fix – not a cure. With the tools of the Alexander Technique you learn to treat yourself and ultimately take responsibility. We all long for that magic wand or golden bullet that will take our pain away. We are often the cause of our pain and we are also the source of our own healing

The Alexander Technique is educational, with healing therapeutic effects. There are no specific exercises, it requires no equipment, and can be practiced wherever you are. It is suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical fitness.

Come and experience this highly effective method for preventing chronic back pain. I am a London based teacher, visit my website to find out more, or to find a teacher near you.




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